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AC Reactors - AC Inductors - Custom

Improve AC line power quality and absorb protect voltage sensitive equipment from transients with AC reactors and inductors from Controlled Magnetics. They're ideal to supply power or for motor filter applications. Whether you are filtering a complex AC waveform or removing ripple from a DC power supply circuit, we can meet your exact electrical and mechanical specifications. Ratings from 1 amp to 2,000 amps (AC or DC). With years of AC and DC reactor and inductor manufacturing experience and proven products, we look forward to the opportunity to serve your magnetics requirements.


Our Specialty - Custom-Designed AC Reactors, AC Inductors to Your Exact Specifications.

Send us your specifications for the following single or three phase AC reactors or inductors up to 2,000 amps.

AC Line Reactors - AC Load Reactors

Controlled Magnetics produces popular three-phase AC line reactors in which three isolated inductors are each wired in series with one of the three line phases. These reactors serve to filter out current spikes and may also decrease harmonic current entry into the power supply. In addition to the current limiting function line reactors can be installed in motor driven equipment to limit starting current. Our load reactors can be used to protect variable frequency drives (vfd) and motors.

Current Limiting Reactors

The dependable current limiting reactors that we make are air cores of various sizes and amp ratings with high BIL ratings that mount directly to bus work. Tell us your reactor requirements such as: what inductance that you require, as well as continuous amps, system voltage or required BIL rating.

Tuning (Filter) Reactors

Tuning reactors are coupled with capacitors to tuned filter circuits with resonance in the audio frequency range to reduce, block or filter harmonics or communication frequencies.

De-Tuning Reactors

A range of detuning reactors are manufactured by Controlled Magnetics. These reactors are rated to support currents to be carried when used on a system subject to harmonic distortion. They are designed to have a stable inductance at up to 120% of rated currents. Standard features include over-temperature monitoring to sense a safe disconnect point before disastrous system failure.

AC Filter Reactors

Filter current harmonics reliably, prolong motor life, and reduce notching with our AC filter reactors. These reactors help compensate for the ability of a long line to store an electrical charge. They are compatible for most inverters. Additionally, our AC filter reactors are safe to use, and feature a compact design.

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