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What is an electrical current ripple? The unwanted, residual AC component of the DC output of a rectifier resulting in reduced rectifier performance. Reduce ripple in DC rectifier circuits using the following DC reactors (link chokes) from Controlled Magnetics. We can meet your exact electrical and mechanical specifications. Ratings from 1 amp to 2,000 amps (AC or DC). With years of AC and DC reactor and inductor manufacturing experience and proven products, we look forward to the opportunity to serve your magnetics requirements.


Our Specialty - Custom-Designed DC Reactors, DC Inductors to Your Exact Specifications.

DC Reactors - Up to 2,000 amps.

DC Bus Chokes

Reduce harmonic current caused by non-linear load, typically converter-based devices. DC bus chokes, that can be installed ahead of the electrical load, can reduce the harmonic current content up to 50% and reach TDD (total current demand distortion) levels of 30-40%.

Smoothing Reactors

Used in to reduce harmonic currents and transient over currents (ripple) in DC systems. Smoothing reactors are vital to smooth the direct current wave shape to reduce losses and improve electrical system performance.

Swinging Chokes

Our swinging chokes are filter inductors designed with an air gap in its magnetic circuit, so its inductance decreases as the current through it increases. Our swinging chokes are another proven product solution in power supply filter applications.

Filter Reactors

Our filter reactors allow 50hz and 60hz current to flow easily in an electrical circuit. They obstruct the flow of higher frequencies and this makes them effective at reducing harmonics in drive systems.

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