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Hospital Grade Isolation Transformers
Healthcare Facilities - Hospitals - Medical Centers

Medical grade isolation transformers are installed in medical devices used in hospitals, medical research centers, and biomedical firms. One major benefit of adding a medical grade isolation transformer to your product is that you can avoids expensive, time consuming safety testing, bringing your product to the market much sooner. The design, testing, and construction of hospital grade transformers are closely monitored under safety guidelines and laws governing usage.

Custom-Designed Isolation Transformers to Your Exact Specifications. Made in the USA.


Controlled Magnetics' hospital grade transformers can be quickly and easily configured and designed and manufactured with following features:

  • Complete line isolation, noise filtering, and surge suppression
  • Ideal for sensitive equipment
  • Can be installed between the wall outlet and any electrical or electronic equipment used in patient care areas.
  • Reinforced insulation to the requirements of IEC61558, VDE0551, and & IEC60601-1
  • Isolated windings
  • Secondary center tap terminal for the connection of an insulation-monitoring instrument
  • Low leakage current, less then 100mA
  • Built-in thermal protection or PTC connected to separate terminal for temperature monitoring
  • Static shield between primary and secondary
  • Separate isolated terminal for the static shield
  • Inrush current: 8 Inch or 12 Inch
  • UL Listed construction. UL 60601-1, CSA C22.2 No. 601, and EN 60601-1 standards.

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